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Business Funding SolutionsAfter several years of excessive credit expansion, banks and savings banks facing serious sanitation process portfolio which, among other effects, is assuming serious credit constraints, as is well known in the economic world.

This order model “credit for all” has had a greater impact on SMEs, as their size has limited the range of external funding sources and there are many companies that have had to cancel their investment plans, despite numerous cases to maintain an attractive growth.

According to Chambers of Commerce, the percentage of SMEs with financing difficulties stood at 81.5%. It is therefore necessary to seek alternative funding sources, especially when the situation is not cyclical.

Alternative funding markets represent an excellent way for midsize companies to access financing. Each case is different and must be necessary to go into details, but operations as a corporate bond issues are and will become more common.

Another source of funding is the classic bag, as with the opening of the Alternative Investment Market (MAB), the rules have changed and small or medium bag can also be financed.

Good Financial OptionsThe business press in recent weeks widely reported several financial transactions-estate-tax made by the most significant Spanish heritage.

The largest number of these transactions were sales of bank offices and savings banks, and it is expected that in the next few weeks (after the recent financial reform), new packages will be marketed and some unique assets.

These operations, as we know have emerged to meet liquidity needs of financial institutions, with their valuations usually very important at a discount, forced by the market and the current government measures, bearing in mind that usually enjoy a good location and therefore greater future upside potential.

Consultants In Llana have continuously analyzed most of the real estate transactions that are on the market, and we can provide this information for free.

If you have any doubt do not hesitate to call and help.

The best ways to find employmentMany times that you’ve probably been asked this question: How to get a job? And they were trying to wait for them to call you and offer you work. But let’s face it not always work touch your door and you’ll come to accept, in most cases you need to look for it, but how? How to find a job?

Let’s talk about some of the most common but also more useful to find and get a job.

Friends and acquaintances: Most people who get a job they succeed because they had an acquaintance who helped them enter as it was in and just had to speak well of your family member or friend and got the job that way.

Email: Email your CV can be a real help to find work since it send to the various companies that may require your services.

Internet: Today you can find many pages that show where it needs work and visit and see if there is work for you close to where you live cannot hurt.

Press: This is the most common method is to look at the working section any seat available for a sector in which you work.

Business planHe says plans diligent people can lead to success, so if you can simply make a business plan because it can be said that once and found the idea of posing strategy and then simply be achieved formula for success in our business.

That is why having a business plan can help, but let’s see how one or some Asking yourself and then do what you like best in the business world.

To start, count the cost: It is always good to have a little idea of how much will invest in your business, as we cannot assume that we will have everything far we can say that we achieved simply, is why you need to do the math.

Also, think about the basics: When you start with your business ideas, think of the things you need, but only the basics, do not despair thinking of buying things you do not need to start your business.

Buy the best: When it comes time to buy things really necessary, do not buy anything, or simply not be swayed by your eyes that is cheaper, but buying something of quality so that it lasts.

Business BudgetA business is a good source of income, but always to start thinking about what you’ll spend the capital you have, because some people to spend thousands of dollars to start and end up failing shortly and simply closed doors.

That is why we make a good budget for the things you need for your business can save you from many troubles. For example: Take the full budget on the things you need to buy first and the things you really need, you can help find unnecessary faults or defects.

Your budget should always be accurate, and as you gain simply because things is crossing off items you already have to either not spend in excess of the things you really need.

To make a good budget for a business need first a notebook, pen or pencil both blue and red. After locating the book will go to expenses you will be doing throughout the acquisition of assets of your business and you know, exactly, how will you recover your business throughout its existence. Locates always going to be more need in one place and what can go buying after gains even with your business, then.

Right decisions when Starting a businessProviding a good product or publishing good content is not enough to sell or get a significant audience to read your blog. They are simply a must but you need something that differentiates you from the rest to really reach your readers and potential customers.

Your value proposition must explain in a sentence that is exactly what you offer and what makes you different from other competitors within your niche.

How to define your unique value proposition?

I assume you have already been clear that the value proposition is essential for any blog or internet business, but how you define yours?

Here are some ideas that you should consider to define your unique value proposition:

  •      Use your Personality: If your business is individual or a small business and you are the owner, your personality can be a differentiator.
  •      People want to know who is behind the blog they read or who is the creator of the product in which they are interested, and your personality can be an element that differentiates you from the rest and allows you to attract readers and customers.
  •      Specialize: Searching for a specific topic within your niche. One issue that nobody or almost nobody has exploited so far and become the reference.
  •      Mixing concepts: Think what the theme of your business, and something you could add to the mix is ​​more interesting and unique. No need to invent something new, just combine two things you already know.
  •      A case that has been very successful is the blog Social Triggers, where Derek Halpern combines his knowledge of marketing and psychology.
  •      You must not like the whole world: Treat everyone like it is a mistake that many bloggers and entrepreneurs discuss and often results in failure of your project.

When you try to like everyone you run the risk of not convince anyone.

Capabilities in order to Successfully run your Own businessWant to know what the daily tasks performed an entrepreneur in his own company are? If you answered of the questions above, then you’ll have fun with the simulator rather than iPyme Business Portal designed for entrepreneurs to learn critical aspects of running a business.

The simulator works as a game where you have the ability to create your own character and create a company in your favorite industry (you can choose between the catering industry, textile manufacturing and trade) before facing different problems that are part of everyday of an entrepreneur. Your work will make the right decisions to bring your business to success.

As you progress through the game what challenges will becoming more complicated. The idea is to pass each level by testing your skills and knowledge in business management to get to become a successful entrepreneur. A great way to have fun while you learn to run your own business.

How to play the simulator Business?

The instructions to register and use this interesting tool. Follow the steps:

  • You must create your own user on the following link: Click here to register
  • Go to the following link and log in with your data: Business Simulation Game
  • Create your character, start your business and test your entrepreneurial skills.

Once you have your account you can access additional tools for entrepreneurs that iPyme Portal has prepared, such as a diagnostic for entrepreneurs, some online courses on business issues and applications to analyze ideas and business opportunities.

Do not forget that in our games section entrepreneurship and businesses find many other simulators, applications and tools to prepare you as an entrepreneur while having fun.

Success in Business requires more than a Good ideaI invite you to review these 8 points and then do a self-assessment to identify those features which you need, so you can work on them and become a better entrepreneur. Do not forget to leave your comments, opinions and views on the subject.

  1.      Autonomy: Entrepreneurs are bold and determined. They prefer to listen to your heart and follow your intuition rather than live under the tenets of society. They own themselves and live to fulfill their objectives. They make decisions on their own without leaving it to others who tell them which way to take. We are excited to explore new paths rather than following the paths that others have already covered.
  2.      Self-regulation: people must be able to regulate our own behavior effectively. An entrepreneur knows how to manage their time and goals arises to make the most. Whenever something is proposed, organizes your day to do so.
  3.      Self: The business environment requires people with a lot of emotional intelligence; able to calmly consider although the situation is panic and disorder. You can not succeed in business if we despair at the first challenge or at the first hurdle. We have a great ability to control our emotions, fears and desires when making a decision or face up to the most adverse situations.
  4.      Self-Discipline: Successful entrepreneurs are endowed with unparalleled willpower, because she is able to develop habits, change their behavior and do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. They know that great achievements involve great efforts, so wake up every day excited to work on your goals. Trained, and are tireless persevere because its strength is not physical but mental. Read the rest of this entry »

How the best way to Expand business in LifeI recently attended a conference on business strategy and one of the attendees asked the rapporteur on how to make a business work without the owner is all present in her time, ie how to prepare a company for you to expand and reach much larger markets.

How can a company function properly without the presence of its owner?

If this is your case, if you feel that the success of your business depends on your constant presence in it, I want to share some tips to “put your business on autopilot” and thus take a big step towards the consolidation and expansion of thereof.

1. Works with the best

The basic principle and key in any process of business growth, we expect the best human talent at our disposal.

Is not just about hiring people with degrees or more with more experience, it is also about finding people with a great attitude, passionate, willing to give herself completely, reliable, visionary, etc.. A large business is merely the result of a group of great people working on it.

You can have the best product, the best location, the best resources, etc.. but never have a great business if you do not have people committed to each job.

It is also important to have leaders to harmonize the work of the organization. Little good to have good people in your business if you do not get to work together and synchronize their efforts to jointly contribute to the achievement of business objectives.

To this point I’d recommend you read the article on how to create successful teams work there know a little history of the entrepreneur Andy Freire and how you selected the staff to start your business. Read the rest of this entry »

How to test the Entrepreneurial skillsThe simulator has a training methodology that is divided into two phases. The first phase is the process of planning and entrepreneurship. The second phase is a tournament where you must prove how good you are at making decisions and managing your business.

An excellent tool for you to see, in a didactic way, the process of business planning, creation and formalization of business, decision making and key aspects of business management.

How to use the simulator for entrepreneurs?

To use this tool you must simply sign up for free (link at the end) and create your character. Once you register, the simulator will start the intro and then a step by step wizard you can create your own company considering different procedures and formalities.

The simulator is quite complete. Get to know the business world from the conception of the idea to creating business strategies and decisions for success.

As you progress in the game, you will learn different concepts and strategies to be implemented and to improve the performance of your company. You can also compete with other entrepreneurs.

The main purpose of the tool is to help you improve your skills as an entrepreneur to start and run a business profitably in a competitive environment.

Making important decisions in Starting your own businessI want to tell you a little about the main obstacles and barriers that entrepreneurs face when starting a business project and share some tips to overcome them.

Main obstacles and barriers when starting a business

Basically there are four obstacles facing an entrepreneur. These barriers exist in varying degrees according to the cultural, social, economic and political characteristics of each country. Let us see what each of these obstacles and how we can overcome them.

1. Cultural Barriers

First we have those barriers related to cultural characteristics of the entrepreneur and his environment. These are related to the attitude, vision and values ​​that are bred from childhood, but we are unfortunately in a society where the paradigms and fears abound, then it is common that new generations are oriented made “the security of a good job” .

Another cultural issue affecting enterprise development is the perception of society towards failure. Our society tends to reject and judging failure and mistakes, then keep a mindset of going through life trying to avoid the most mistakes without realizing that failure is part of success.

How to overcome cultural barriers: This obstacle is mostly in your head. To overcome it you need to change your thinking and your attitude towards life. Nobody but you is able to awaken the entrepreneur who lives in you. Entrepreneurship is about attitude, to see life in a different way and be willing to fight tirelessly to achieve our goals. Read the rest of this entry »

Helps to Promote business initiativesThroughout his life as an entrepreneur, investor and leader, David has lived Cancel all the experiences that have allowed him to learn important lessons in entrepreneurship. Several of these experiences and lessons are shared by the same , your personal blog.

On his blog there are hundreds of invaluable lessons and today I want to share as shown 3 of these lessons. According to David , these 3 lessons he has learned ” the hard way ” and it sure will be of great help to advance your business initiatives. Notes.

Lessons for startups – David Cancel

1. The valley of death “Sucks “

The valley of death is a fearful place which is right in the middle between failure and success. The following graph shows the life cycle of a startup you can see exactly referred to the valley of death :

When a startup is stuck here , facing an absolutely desperate situation . The entrepreneurial team must make the difficult decision to keep trying and eventually withdraw from the project.

There are startups that are trapped for a long time in the valley of death and do not know what decision they should take the initiative … sometimes shows improvements and other darkens the picture .

One of the main causes leading to stagnate a startup in the valley of death is lack of funding , especially when investors realize that the initiative is at a point where there is no certainty of success. It is important to make efficient use of financial resources and focus energies on key business activities.

2. Focus on the problem, not the idea

Some entrepreneurs spend too much time obsessed with their ideas, but you know what? Nobody cares ideas. People do care about is how are you going to help them, that is, how your initiative will solve their problems.

No matter if your idea will sound absolutely fascinating , what really matters is that this idea is able to solve a critical problem. Focus your energies on the problems and needs , not the idea. Read the rest of this entry »

A key aspect to building your Personal brandCurrently there are various applications and tools ( different prices, features and functionality ) with which you can create you an online professional profile , so that there is no valid excuse for not having one.

Below I share 10 of these application programs to allow us to have a space on the Internet where we can add our personal information , experiences, studies and other key aspects of your professional life. All these applications have free and easy to use versions , just a matter of cheer and take a few minutes to create a profile that will impact our employees , partners , customers, etc. .

Create professional online profile

  1. : When it comes to creating an online profile , is definitely a leader on the issue because it is one of the most used tools and complete. It features a simple editor that within minutes you will have your professional profile ready to share it with anyone you want. An interesting aspect is that it provides monitoring tools to view statistics for your profile.
  2. : With this tool you can say goodbye to the traditional curriculum . Thanks to easy and quickly have an elegant , professional and attractive profile . You can incorporate images , graphics, social media buttons , etc. .
  3.     Dooid: An application whose added value lies in creating designs optimized for mobile devices and PCs. It features a real-time editor that shows you how your profile is becoming as you ‘re creating. You can add a personal description, url of your website , links to social networks , feeds, etc. .
  4.     Card Flick: It allows us to create a sort of virtual business cards from our photos on Facebook, or our instagran pc . The application offers several very attractive and professional templates . It has an iOS version is in beta version for android , so you can manage your virtual card from your mobile device .
  5.     Card Bind : It is an application that works as a manager of virtual cards . With Card Bind you can create and share your cards, but you can also store the cards you receive and easily access them , so you will not have your wallet full of business cards. An application is still in development, but it looks pretty promising. Read the rest of this entry »

How to achieve a Clear mission in the World of businessThink of a businessman , imagine that it is prepared every day with the firm conviction of knowing the methods and solutions to make better investments and grow their businesses. Invest long hours and empty their pockets in the knowledge needed to achieve its mission .

If we use logic, their level of understanding in the financial field is advanced. Their preparation and commitment will take to achieve their goals. In an otherwise imagine the same employer doing the preparation aside , it is not committed to their education and prefer to do things to distract you from your goals. Where do you think you will come this employer ?

If your goal is to master the art of money and achieve financial success , the first thing to do is chart your financial mission and dedicate your time , passion and commitment to educate . Maybe at first make mistakes , but do not forget that ” errors are gems of wisdom that always come to teach us something .” You feel yourself ready when your level of financial education will increase.

Remember we talked about that success is a process. So what should you learn Irlo implemented. Mistakes are part of your financial education . None of the greatest entrepreneurs in history was born knowing . Each and every one of them underwent a process of trial and error – education , which went to the financial peak . The key again is at the level of preparation that each possesses .

I want to give you some advice that I have been implementing over the years , which changed me forever ; I realized that the most important assets we have as human beings is our mind and how we invest , defines our financial future . This is where I want to recommend you start your financial education. Read the rest of this entry »

Concept as an Important key in running a BusinessConcepts , approaches and tools that emerged only makes few years and today we are consolidated as the foundation of entrepreneurship .

I remember when I started , entrepreneurship revolved around business plans . All guides, documents and tools focused on the development of ” successful business plans ” to minimize the chances of failure. The methodologies were directed to this product development.

Currently the business plans have evolved and have been supplemented by a number of tools and methodologies that are part of an approach called “Entrepreneurship Light ” ; an approach that is based on the concept of ” Fail fast , fail early … but above all , fail cheap”.

Today I want to share a great info graphic , produced by City of Creativity , in which a list of key concepts in all this conceptual revolution in the world of entrepreneurship is collected. They are very important concepts to understand the different tools and methodologies that we have at hand to develop our business projects.

Takes note of the concepts you did not know and if you want more to know more about any of these topics , please leave a comment and we will gladly further information. Anyway, here you can find some articles explaining in detail these concepts and later we will approach the missing .