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Business Funding SolutionsAfter several years of excessive credit expansion, banks and savings banks facing serious sanitation process portfolio which, among other effects, is assuming serious credit constraints, as is well known in the economic world.

This order model “credit for all” has had a greater impact on SMEs, as their size has limited the range of external funding sources and there are many companies that have had to cancel their investment plans, despite numerous cases to maintain an attractive growth.

According to Chambers of Commerce, the percentage of SMEs with financing difficulties stood at 81.5%. It is therefore necessary to seek alternative funding sources, especially when the situation is not cyclical.

Alternative funding markets represent an excellent way for midsize companies to access financing. Each case is different and must be necessary to go into details, but operations as a corporate bond issues are and will become more common.

Another source of funding is the classic bag, as with the opening of the Alternative Investment Market (MAB), the rules have changed and small or medium bag can also be financed.

Good Financial OptionsThe business press in recent weeks widely reported several financial transactions-estate-tax made by the most significant Spanish heritage.

The largest number of these transactions were sales of bank offices and savings banks, and it is expected that in the next few weeks (after the recent financial reform), new packages will be marketed and some unique assets.

These operations, as we know have emerged to meet liquidity needs of financial institutions, with their valuations usually very important at a discount, forced by the market and the current government measures, bearing in mind that usually enjoy a good location and therefore greater future upside potential.

Consultants In Llana have continuously analyzed most of the real estate transactions that are on the market, and we can provide this information for free.

If you have any doubt do not hesitate to call and help.

The best ways to find employmentMany times that you’ve probably been asked this question: How to get a job? And they were trying to wait for them to call you and offer you work. But let’s face it not always work touch your door and you’ll come to accept, in most cases you need to look for it, but how? How to find a job?

Let’s talk about some of the most common but also more useful to find and get a job.

Friends and acquaintances: Most people who get a job they succeed because they had an acquaintance who helped them enter as it was in and just had to speak well of your family member or friend and got the job that way.

Email: Email your CV can be a real help to find work since it send to the various companies that may require your services.

Internet: Today you can find many pages that show where it needs work and visit and see if there is work for you close to where you live cannot hurt.

Press: This is the most common method is to look at the working section any seat available for a sector in which you work.

Business planHe says plans diligent people can lead to success, so if you can simply make a business plan because it can be said that once and found the idea of posing strategy and then simply be achieved formula for success in our business.

That is why having a business plan can help, but let’s see how one or some Asking yourself and then do what you like best in the business world.

To start, count the cost: It is always good to have a little idea of how much will invest in your business, as we cannot assume that we will have everything far we can say that we achieved simply, is why you need to do the math.

Also, think about the basics: When you start with your business ideas, think of the things you need, but only the basics, do not despair thinking of buying things you do not need to start your business.

Buy the best: When it comes time to buy things really necessary, do not buy anything, or simply not be swayed by your eyes that is cheaper, but buying something of quality so that it lasts.

Business BudgetA business is a good source of income, but always to start thinking about what you’ll spend the capital you have, because some people to spend thousands of dollars to start and end up failing shortly and simply closed doors.

That is why we make a good budget for the things you need for your business can save you from many troubles. For example: Take the full budget on the things you need to buy first and the things you really need, you can help find unnecessary faults or defects.

Your budget should always be accurate, and as you gain simply because things is crossing off items you already have to either not spend in excess of the things you really need.

To make a good budget for a business need first a notebook, pen or pencil both blue and red. After locating the book will go to expenses you will be doing throughout the acquisition of assets of your business and you know, exactly, how will you recover your business throughout its existence. Locates always going to be more need in one place and what can go buying after gains even with your business, then.

Financial Business units with Higher IncomesThe function of the financial system is to channel savings generated by economic units in surplus to spending deficit economic units this expenditure may materialize in investments or activities

In order to get the funds to finance its overspending, deficit economic units emit liabilities (debts that is due), that are acquired by the surplus economic units, thus placing their excesses from their income. Thus, liabilities are the first assets to the latter.

When a larger amount of monetary surplus deficit, are used in a country outside. The financial system is based on trust. If entities with surpluses do not trust institutions deficit, the money does not flow, so you get to a crisis.

The financial system of a State consists of three basic elements: a) Assets / liabilities b) Institutions

a) Financial assets are various instruments to which the supply of funds surplus economic units materialize these funds are passive to deficit economic units receiving them. Those assets (surplus) are the creditors, and those liabilities (deficit) are debtors.

The modalities of financial assets and liabilities are numerous: credit, loans, stocks, cash and deposits, gold, bonds and debentures, mutual funds, pension plans. Read the rest of this entry »

The Best way the use of Financial leverageIn this project we will introduce the use of financial leverage, which use is there and what kind of classification and risk to business to be financed by external use.

Also we will present the combination between operating leverage and financial and total risk for the use of both combinations and the indebtedness reasons cases are longer appropriate or not.

Also I will make known as leads in practice using leverage and finally will declare indices that the company

  • Financial Leverage

Leverage: is the effect that introduces the debt on the profitability of equity. The change is more than proportional to that which occurs in the profitability of investments. The necessary condition for the amplifier leverage occurs is that the return on investment is higher than the interest rate debts.

  • Concept

It’s called leverage the possibility to finance certain purchases of assets without the need for money of the operation at present

It is an indicator of the level of indebtedness of an organization in relation to its assets or equity. It is to use debt to increase the expected return on equity. It is measured as the ratio of long-term debt’s own capital. Read the rest of this entry »

Big business in a Football gameThe number of players and coaches of American football is also much bigger and each player is worth millions of dollars. Security in stadiums USA are also the best and that’s why even allowed, no problem, drinking beer at baseball stadiums and football.

All those elements might suggest that attending a stadium in USA for one of these parties, it should be expensive but the truth is that it is not so when compared with the price it costs to attend a match of football playoffs for World Championship Brazil 2014.

Being generous with conversion exchange rate, it appears that on average the cost of entry into Peru to go to the soccer game with Uruguay, took a little over $ 100 US dollars. Meanwhile, the average ticket for the American League just cost US $ US $ 82.

The costs of the football match vs. Peru Uruguay have but much lower than a league in the United States, then why in Latin America costs so much money to go to the stadium?

Perhaps an explanation is when it is paid for TV rights but certainly being a championship World Cup qualifiers for Brazil 2014, the television rights have also been very well paid in this continent. What are the margins of football in Latin America? Who is taking the usefulness of this million dollar business? … These and similar questions are treated as unfathomable mysteries that deserve to be known.

Best Windows PC software for Managing Business projectsIf you have a Windows PC with no doubt the best software to manage business projects is Microsoft Project, the only problem is that just an excellent program is quite expensive.

Alternatives to Microsoft Project there are several, some of which are handled directly in our own server or network. But what about those who use Mac and Apple’s operating system. That program unfortunately does not work Microsoft.

I just found out why an excellent alternative for Mac users who want to use an equivalent program to Microsoft Project and Omni Plan is the application that has two versions. A first running from your computer to the Mac and another that runs from the iPad, both are purchased separately and are a bit expensive but the price really worth it.

The application for Mac costs $ 199 while the iPad costs US $ 49.99 I just bought the app for iPad and is simply spectacular to allow a range of colors to add and group tasks and assign them to different people.

One of my big questions before buying, was whether I would be allowed to share information with my team and the answer is yes but with limited unless the rest of my team also have the program which would be expensive. Read the rest of this entry »

Twitter is a Great tool to Attract New visitorsA key aspect to this is the constant sending tweets to your followers do not believe you’ve abandoned your account or do not pay attention to it.

Spend all day on our twitter account is nevertheless impossible even for an entrepreneur who is doing many things at once and to whom time is always scarce. Find tools that automate as much as the monitoring of social networks can be, and is vital.

That is why we now want to tell the Future Tweets application does is to schedule several tweets for them to be published during the day throughout the week or even throughout the year. It is very similar to Hoot suite but Future Tweets tool is only developed for scheduling tweets.

Before, Future Tweets also allowed the appellant sending tweets for them to be sent again and again repetitively but this possibility has been eliminated by considering Twitter is a violation of the policies of the social network.

The way you use Future Tweets is very easy since it is absolutely free and simply register to start using it. So I could schedule for a week or for a day all tweets that I will post about a specific topic and simply because I will deal only to monitor the responses that may occur.

Do not forget that a fundamental aspect in the twitter network is knowing how public time your tweets according to the hours where your followers are more connected fact that you can find by using other tools.

New Business opportunities Legalization of Cannabis as MedicineThat is precisely what is happening in Canada where medical marijuana is legalized since 2001 and now that business has come to save a town in eastern Ontario, Canada where the Hershey chocolate factory closed causing loss of a number of jobs.

As reported by Reuters, the company now Tweed Inc. thinking of buying this chocolate factory to convert it for production and processing of medicinal marijuana.

The authorities of the town, Smith Falls, see this project as auspicious as they understand that medical marijuana plant will come to save the local economy.

These are new times and new businesses which previously would have been impossible even to imagine.

The legal gaps in areas highly regulated by legislation, are usually excellent to find new business niches to be little competition because entry barriers are usually very high.

Classic Business ideas that Utilize fearsFor those who believe in luck by chance in itself or in spirits or paranormal phenomena that change in your destination may perhaps be paying for the house or apartment that you just bought. Maybe there happened something bad or something very good and so is valid the following question:

Want to know who has killed or died in the house or apartment you just bought?

A site focused on the US market offers this service for $ 11.99 dollars. This is the classic business idea that exploits our fears or respect for the inexplicable life situations but in this case could greatly alter the value of a property because if the site becomes popular think anyone would like to move to a house or an apartment where several people have died.

The website properly exploits this factor since it exposes its services as an advantage for riders of properties that are dedicated to selling or renting them since these could accompany a report of Died in House to place more rapidly their homes or apartment (of course provided the report out positive).

This business idea can be very profitable because according to the website Died in House there is a poll that says that 1/3 of Americans believe in ghosts with which I guess this percentage believer in ghosts, you need to replicate or increase perhaps in other countries.

But beyond that we believe in ghosts or not what is clear is that knowing someone died in my house can impact the sale price or rent it.

How to Strengthen Good relations with CustomersThose are the only productive alternatives for lunch. What do you do successful people usually lunch. Indeed, some of them sometimes do the aforementioned but are not limited only to that but there are many more alternatives that maybe we should take into account also implement those behaviors that evidently they have proven very effective .

An overview of the most important:

- Leave your desk and clear your mind. No time for lunch but maybe a serious mistake is to stay on the desktop. Get out and walk around, maybe a park near or buy a coffee can be an excellent option to leave the stress of everyday life and return to be more productive.

- Exercise. Exit to the gym at lunchtime is truly invigorating. It takes a little more time but given space to exercise makes you come back renewed and as if the day started again. At some point I practiced this advice and was one of the best. The short time I did however leave this healthy habit.

- Eat healthy and not eat much. One of the gravest errors of the Latin culture is to take a large and sumptuous lunch that will leave you truly exhausted, takes many hours and one simply returns just wanted to go home. Eat healthy and eat right is essential to being productive.

- Listen to music and reading. Together or apart, both are best to start later renovated, with the desire to start working. Read the rest of this entry »

Business ideas that Can start at HomeIt happens that many people simply want to have additional income and what better to develop a business idea of our houses to earn that extra money in our spare time. The usual doubts which such persons reside in developing business idea and why spend hours looking to develop business ideas at home and eventually become paralyzed without taking action.

I think so vital to share with you stories of successful people who started doing business in their homes, with very little startup capital investment but could transform that idea into a multimillion dollar business.

That is just the case of Isabella (Bella) Weems who, as testified by Fortune magazine began at age 14, in 2010, a business selling jewelry on the sole initial capital money he had saved their babysitting services. It was only U.S. $ US $ 350.

With that money was to wholesalers to buy all the equipment to make some jewelry consisting of medallions and immediately began to sell them as he could, in stores and organizing parties to sell them. The product was a success and sold virtually alone.

In 2011, the company’s Bella, called Origami Owl, changed its business model to a system of direct sales through known MLM system. That year 2011, sales reached 280 thousand US dollars. The year 2012 came to $ 24 million this year and 2013 is estimated that its sales will reach a staggering $ 250 million. Read the rest of this entry »

The Vending machines in the Business world productThey are what is known in the business world as the “vending machine”. I imagine they have seen and safer than they used but, have appreciated that virtually all have snacks and soft drinks that are not at all healthy?

They then seem a business idea that consists of launching on the market vending machine with only healthy and nutritious products. That is precisely the concept that lies behind the idea of Healthy Vending Machines business. The concept is clear, use this circuit only sales to distribute healthy and with some product information on nutritional issues.

The process is being quite successful in the United States is the country that have launched this business idea but personally I think that still have to be expectant because usually these machines are intended to give us a “shot” or power punch and behold their products are usually high in calories.

Moreover the users of these machines are the youngest who still do not have a culture so nutritious and precisely using this chain of sale without any control of an adult who is more aware of how healthy and nutritious. Read the rest of this entry »