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Business Funding SolutionsAfter several years of excessive credit expansion, banks and savings banks facing serious sanitation process portfolio which, among other effects, is assuming serious credit constraints, as is well known in the economic world.

This order model “credit for all” has had a greater impact on SMEs, as their size has limited the range of external funding sources and there are many companies that have had to cancel their investment plans, despite numerous cases to maintain an attractive growth.

According to Chambers of Commerce, the percentage of SMEs with financing difficulties stood at 81.5%. It is therefore necessary to seek alternative funding sources, especially when the situation is not cyclical.

Alternative funding markets represent an excellent way for midsize companies to access financing. Each case is different and must be necessary to go into details, but operations as a corporate bond issues are and will become more common.

Another source of funding is the classic bag, as with the opening of the Alternative Investment Market (MAB), the rules have changed and small or medium bag can also be financed.

Good Financial OptionsThe business press in recent weeks widely reported several financial transactions-estate-tax made by the most significant Spanish heritage.

The largest number of these transactions were sales of bank offices and savings banks, and it is expected that in the next few weeks (after the recent financial reform), new packages will be marketed and some unique assets.

These operations, as we know have emerged to meet liquidity needs of financial institutions, with their valuations usually very important at a discount, forced by the market and the current government measures, bearing in mind that usually enjoy a good location and therefore greater future upside potential.

Consultants In Llana have continuously analyzed most of the real estate transactions that are on the market, and we can provide this information for free.

If you have any doubt do not hesitate to call and help.

The best ways to find employmentMany times that you’ve probably been asked this question: How to get a job? And they were trying to wait for them to call you and offer you work. But let’s face it not always work touch your door and you’ll come to accept, in most cases you need to look for it, but how? How to find a job?

Let’s talk about some of the most common but also more useful to find and get a job.

Friends and acquaintances: Most people who get a job they succeed because they had an acquaintance who helped them enter as it was in and just had to speak well of your family member or friend and got the job that way.

Email: Email your CV can be a real help to find work since it send to the various companies that may require your services.

Internet: Today you can find many pages that show where it needs work and visit and see if there is work for you close to where you live cannot hurt.

Press: This is the most common method is to look at the working section any seat available for a sector in which you work.

Business planHe says plans diligent people can lead to success, so if you can simply make a business plan because it can be said that once and found the idea of posing strategy and then simply be achieved formula for success in our business.

That is why having a business plan can help, but let’s see how one or some Asking yourself and then do what you like best in the business world.

To start, count the cost: It is always good to have a little idea of how much will invest in your business, as we cannot assume that we will have everything far we can say that we achieved simply, is why you need to do the math.

Also, think about the basics: When you start with your business ideas, think of the things you need, but only the basics, do not despair thinking of buying things you do not need to start your business.

Buy the best: When it comes time to buy things really necessary, do not buy anything, or simply not be swayed by your eyes that is cheaper, but buying something of quality so that it lasts.

Business BudgetA business is a good source of income, but always to start thinking about what you’ll spend the capital you have, because some people to spend thousands of dollars to start and end up failing shortly and simply closed doors.

That is why we make a good budget for the things you need for your business can save you from many troubles. For example: Take the full budget on the things you need to buy first and the things you really need, you can help find unnecessary faults or defects.

Your budget should always be accurate, and as you gain simply because things is crossing off items you already have to either not spend in excess of the things you really need.

To make a good budget for a business need first a notebook, pen or pencil both blue and red. After locating the book will go to expenses you will be doing throughout the acquisition of assets of your business and you know, exactly, how will you recover your business throughout its existence. Locates always going to be more need in one place and what can go buying after gains even with your business, then.

Achieving success with Social Networking phenomenonThe YO application has become a phenomenon unexplained since it is totally simple, ridiculously simple and is achieving an impressive success may be the next social networking phenomenon.

In just one week has grown from 60,000 users to have more than one million users and no one can give a rational explanation for its success since all it does is send messages saying YO.

Do not send photos, do not send messages, does not send emoticons, do nothing, absolutely nothing except send the message with the word I, no less. I do not think you can download it now from iTunes here and it’s totally free.

The idea is that your friends in this new social network to send the message ME for what you can think of. That is, instead of saying “how you doing” I will send a message, instead of saying “where are you” tell her I … is not it absurd? Looks a lot like the “a touch” that exists in Facebook and not by who have virtually hidden.

Objective To be successful in Running a businessDare you to do it now, turn around and look closely you see, think about the people around you and ask yourself if you really like it where you are.

Do not think anyone can say yes like given that if that happens is that maybe it’s an “angel” who are reading this post from paradise … but no, I do not think anyone is reading from there.

The truth is that we thus find very happy in the place we meet, there will always be things we do not like and things we should change, however, despite that be so obvious, most of us tend to fall into the daily and conformity to accept things as they are routine.

The idea is not that armes a daily revolution (although it would not be a bad idea), but what if you start to change some small things around you ?, what if you start to take control of your life and what around you?

Escape from your comfort zone and start taking action on your destination, start realizing your dreams, because if you do not like where you are, then change it.

Cheap ticket to Travel and Save moneyUsually websites search cheap airfare, require us to enter in the search forms, the probable dates of travel and that can be quite tedious because if we seek the cheapest, we are forced to grope dates to compare prices.

Happily, I just run into Sky Scanner that allows you to search by destination and immediately I entered the various likely to travel according to the best price we found this by searching among various airlines dates. No need and enter your departure date probably because you give a diagram so then you choose the best date based on the price.

It is truly unbelievable. In other finder sometimes there is that option but as part of a secondary search.

It should be noted that also allows a traditional search but I think its differential value lies in its open search according to prices rather than specific dates. So on our next vacation we will be searched according to our budget.

Appropriate conditions in Starting a Business for the FutureWhen you can combine these elements, that is when you count with the right conditions to launch a venture. But what happens when you lack any of these 3 elements? What to do if you really want to undertake, but you do not have the skills nor the resources to do it.

An interesting way to analyze the above questions, is through what the author Senen Barro known as “The Cube of Entrepreneurship”.

This cube shows the different points that can be a person interested in starting a project of entrepreneurship. Carefully analyzes the graph and identifies at what point you are currently located.

The author suggests the following actions depending on the vertex of the cube in which we find:

  • Are you alive? You do not have resources or attitude to change the situation or skills to do so. Change your attitude, line up on what you’re passionate about, and for all.
  • Missed Opportunity: You have great skills but you lack of resources and you need the right attitude. Replantéate your beliefs and how you act, you’re missing a great opportunity wasting your talent.
  • Enjoy: If you have resources (money) but neither aptitude nor attitude … is a motivation to take you to change or simply enjoy what life has given you!
  • Invest: Have the necessary skills to undertake, and sufficient resources to not depend on anyone but your attitude, your personality, is not entrepreneurial. Maybe it’s time to find someone with that attitude, study your idea, evaluate it, bring you your knowledge and invest in it. Read the rest of this entry »

The big challenge when he Became a Manager businessThe current business, corporate and competitive environment requires leaders with unique abilities that are able to interact with people from different cultures, attracting global connections to their organizations and integrating all business disciplines.

In this context, the Faculty of Business Administration from the University of Miami has developed an innovative program The Miami Executive MBA for the Americas specially designed for business and corporate leaders who are doing business in high-growth markets, especially in the Americas.

This Executive MBA lasts 17 months and starts from August 2014. The program combines two sessions of one week (the first and last session) and seven sessions weekend at our main “campus” in Coral Gables with remote team projects and distance learning. It is a flexible and adaptable to the needs of modern executive program.

The Faculty of Business Administration from the University of Miami has focused on creating a truly unlike traditional program, for that reason this MBA is aimed at elements such as networking and connections. Class sessions are not structured lectures, but focus on high-level discussions, peer learning, interaction with industry leaders and creates favorable for participants to develop critical thinking skills environments.

Important experience in eCommerce in businessCreate an eCommerce is no different to mount any kind of business requires planning, initial investment, and a time to recoup the investment. You take the same risks as any other business, the only difference is that you do your business in another channel, ie internet. The good part is that, generally, the initial investment is usually much smaller, since it is not necessary to have a good physical location and condition the premises.

Also note that in the online world rank your page depends primarily on SEO, ie the position that search engines like Google will give your eCommerce store for certain words or group of words.

Before mentioning these commandments, we must also consider that in a hundred users coming to your page, they will be falling users who abandon the process of buying your product. You must do everything possible for the user to fill your cart, and then made the payment. A huge percentage of abandoned shopping carts. Usually between 60 and 80% of the cars that are filled and then fail to culminate in a purchase.

Given these premises, it is now time that we will be able to understand the 7 commandments to start your eCommerce:

  1.      Sells what you love and what you’re a specialist. Do not sell what you think it will sell more online. Only from the passion for what you sell yourself get a foothold in the competitive Internet market. If you different you will not be one more with which very possibly have to compete on price and this position is very dangerous because it will force you to lower quality.
  2.      Think of your business first: Develop and define where you want to go. Online stores are not mounted free, despite appearances. Riding a business requires an investment and will be a period to amortize the investment. Be clear in your mind what the business and create a roadmap, or as I call it: the script. Accuracy is important. After this step it will be time to think about the tool that will be used: Prestashop, Joomla, WordPress … But first must know what those needs that have to cover. Read the rest of this entry »

How Human behavior in business to achieve profitsNeuro marketing expert who for years has studied the human mind revealing really fascinating about the purchase decision and human behavior.

Jurgen is currently working on an initiative called DEIS Lab, which proposes a practical educational model that puts the “BE” to “intellect”. Already thousands of people have accessed free training through this initiative.

Here we share the questions we did to Jurgen to get their perspective on traditional education and his views on how the current context is forcing educational models to reinvent itself.

Hi, I’m Jurgen Klaric, a person I consider myself passionate about human behavior, and the last 15 years I have studied the human mind to consumer and business processes discovering that this information is invaluable to transform the human mind and to generate better models learning and entrepreneurship. That’s why all knowledge of my business, people, and mine we are adjusting for education and undertake much more effectively and more importantly, to make people happy.

I have only been used once in my life for 6 months to discover that my life is not an employee but a leader. Since then I have never been used and I became the owner of 15 companies all of which she came to revolutionize its industry, of course, not all of them have worked but were able to be innovative at the time. Read the rest of this entry »

Thousands of Opportunities to Make money onlineDigital content business is to create digital content (articles, photos, videos, info graphics, etc) and then build a community around such content. The idea is to get many people to access such content and then monetize that community.

This business model is executed by bloggers, you-tubers and everyone who has something interesting and appealing to share with the world.

All fun, educational, informational, and other blogs, videos are part of the digital content industry.

How do you make money in this business ?: Once you have many people accessing your content, ways to monetize are diverse: advertising, affiliate systems, selling information products, offering free some content and charge for access to premium content , subscription, etc.

What is needed to start this business?

Channel content: website, blog, video channel or platform that allows you to create and publish content on the Internet.

Domain and Hosting: Applies only if you create your own channel content. There are platforms (blogger, YouTube, etc) that allow you to have online content without hiring hosting and domain.

Contents: The most important element. Must focus on a topic in which you can generate a lot of content. Choose a topic you’re passionate about and so will be easier to create valuable content. Read the rest of this entry »

Inspiration is important in the Development of businessQuite rightly, the Department of Business School thought that a person of recognized standing in their environment would serve to inspire all attendees. And his example we illustrate and would impact us … And well he succeeded!

Following the experience, the rapporteur managed to intensify my efforts to convey what I know about the science of how to present and convince your audience.

But all and thus will try to rectify this situation: I’ll try to convey to which in my view were 7 unforgivable mistakes that suffered all his audience. Errors committed rapporteur (hopefully unintentionally) and I highly hierarchic not to suffer them that heard in a future beg. Do I have your commitment?

After observing and learning from the best Presenters (Tony Robbins, T.Harv Ecker, Steve Jobbs, Blair Singer, Tom Antion …), I have noticed that when addressing his audience, care a number of aspects that make them “reach them” in a very special way.

There are 7 things that make them stand out in a world where we all have increasingly less time and when we dedicate to hear the message from someone just hope it is “shocking”, “transformer” and especially “that gets me and convince me.” Otherwise, it is logical that we feel cheated.

The First: Tell them “in their language” – in the literal and metaphorical sense. The rapporteur to which I refer is directed to all participants in the language of their own autonomous region: Ole !. With a couple “noses”. Not caring that there were people of Burgos, Chile, Sevilla or anywhere else in the world that does not understand him. No you can imagine how they started to “warm up” social networking when he began to speak … and many people realized he did not understand what he was saying … literally “lost” all that Auditorium very beginning. Why pay attention to someone who does not care? – Some would think. Read the rest of this entry »

Business opportunity become a FreelancerSelf-employment is becoming a more attractive option for the millions of unemployed who face a world with few job opportunities and for those who feel uncomfortable with the routine job. In addition, companies are increasingly opting for hiring freelancers instead of hiring traditional employees. It is a trend that has taken hold in recent years and will continue to grow.

What is a freelance?

He is a person who provides professional services and performs independently. They are also known as autonomous, self-employed, freelancers or inappropriate.

Freelancers make use of their skills, abilities, experience, know-how and talent to fill jobs that require third parties. It is a form of entrepreneurship that does not require large financial investments.

Some paid for their work according to the time they have invested in it and others prefer to charge based on the type of work performed.

What should I do to take as a freelancer?

The main thing is to select the area that you are desempenarte (identify your niche or segment of customers), it must define what talents, knowledge and experience you possess are that other people or organizations in need.

The second step is to adjust office to cater to your potential customers. Remember to select a local location and decor in keeping with the professional image you want to convey to customers. Read the rest of this entry »