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characteristics of competence managementCompetence management has a broad scope, you can use all the information related to any product or activity about new industry trends. Also, competency management is often driven by the need of a profile corresponding to a newly hired executive, or even for a story that has to do with a competitor is experiencing major investment in a different area to that usually cover. And even, can also be driven by the suspicion that in some future, to present a competitor that may not have anything to do with the industry to which our company belongs to, but may eventually threaten the corporation.

This occurs through the attachment of new technologies for the development of their activities. Anyway we stress that not all companies, regardless of its size, properly understood in a nature that has its own business, or even their consumer base. Read the rest of this entry »

competence management in businessCompetitive in a management company has begun to arouse interest in many administrative areas, and generally, most of the blame for this lies in that this management tool has increased availability of information along with the increase reflecting the bases commercial data that are found throughout the world.

Now if we talk about competence management in terms only competitive, we must mention that there were never many opportunities and many dangers in the market in moving most of the companies, and this is because every day, business competition in trade and economic sectors is advancing rapidly, making the management of competition, an excellent weapon to fight this war. Read the rest of this entry »