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The Success and Leadership of Eric Schiffer

Eric Schiffer is a globally acknowledged entrepreneur who is celebrated for his visionary and organizational abilities. He is the owner of a learning company that owes its roots to an education multimedia software application which he had programmed on molecular fusion. The program was acknowledged by Intel, IBM and Crown Zellerbach. According to BusinessWeek Magazine, he is one of America’s top 10 entrepreneurs along with Wayne Huzienga of Blockbuster, Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airways, Russell Simons and Richard Branson of Virgin Airways. Eric spends a substantial amount of his time researching for large scale projects that may last between 3 and 6 years.

The purpose of Schiffer’s research is to create fundamental insights and translate his findings into speeches, organizations and books. The findings of his research are then used for closely collaborating with the executives through his organizations for creating practical applications and tools that apply ideas which are discovered from his research. Eric has featured on the cover of several magazines such as the prestigious Entertainment Today and The Saturday Evening Post, among others. He was also on Cosmopolitan as a distinguished Top Bachelor. The accomplished film and animation director has directed Rachael Hunter, Robert Wagner, Faye Dunaway and Corbin Bernson.

Making It Matter with Emotionally Charged Learning

Eric Schiffer lives in California and is a member of Mensa, the world’s largest and oldest IQ society. He has authored ‘Emotionally Charged Learning’, which is considered one of the most interesting and controversial business management bestsellers of the present day. The book opens the reader to the world of utilitarian and fascinating management thinking, the focus being on emotional intelligence and learning styles. It is owing to these attributes that the book is considered as a must-have for those who are looking for better expertise in the field. The book contains helpful tips, advice and ideas pertaining to management. This makes it highly saleable.

The book by Eric Schiffer is meticulously written and thoroughly researched, and disproves a lot of organization and management related hypes. What it basically suggests is that leadership should never be mixed with emotions, and that there is no particular learning style that can make you a winner. A leader cannot be made. They are born. For Eric, what is more important than financial achievement is the asset of leadership. This is what makes a difference to the people around you and the world at large.

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  1. […] Eric Schiffer who having tried his hand at every sort of work ranging from acting alongside Rachel Hunter, Faye Dunaway, Robert Wagner and Corbin Bernsen to entrepreneurial leadership to authorship, has succeeded with flying colors in each and every aspect. However, his claim to popularity was more with his entrepreneurial skills rather than his acting skills. It is his long term leadership experiences that induced him to author a book, a helping hand towards aspiring management personnel. He even has the credit of a company’s launch, its origin being application software based on molecular fusion and supported by That of IBM, Intel and Crown Zellerbach. The celebrated personality’s expertise, vision and leadership skills are an outcome of huge effort on leadership skills. […]

  2. […] Eric Schiffer was able to understand the plea of many corporations and establishments that they need something different in order to change things when it comes to organization, leadership, and even followership among workers of all levels, whether rank and file, or executives alike. Through his years or research, including tie-ups instituted with certain industries and organizations, Eric was able to come up with a solution of changing the quality of information and knowledge transfer, which now involves more of the concerned and focused individual, rather than only the course, lesson, or the speech being presented. […]

  3. […] Eric Schiffer spends a lot of time in doing different research for various projects that lasted for 3 – 5 years and within this time he used to create a lot of insight that are fundamental and then translated those findings into effective speeches and then into books. The findings of the research were also used for collaborating with various executives in the organization that he has developed. These executives used the finding and the knowledge to prepare the practical applications and intelligent tools that are going to use the ideas to form a better platform for understanding the new learners. […]

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